Dispatch Academy

The Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course introduces the necessary skills and knowledge to work in an public safety communications center in a productive and professional manner.  The course prepares each student for the basic roles, responsibilities and duties of a public safety dispatcher within an law enforcement agency.  All instructors are police officers and public safety dispatchers, certified through AZPOST as General Instructors.

The three week, 120 hour course of instruction is comprised of topics ranging from professional orientation and ethics, community policing, introduction to law, and criminal justice systems, to active shooter, child, elder and dependent adult abuse, domestic violence, hostage negotiations, stress management, interpersonal communication, gang awareness, missing persons, and hate crimes.

The instructional content and teaching methodologies in this course are presented to better train new students in the increasingly complex role and functions of the public safety dispatcher.  Certifications include:  Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD); Association of Public Safety Communications Official (APCO); Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS); Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and National Incident Management System (NIMS).  At the end of each training, each student earns (8) college credits through Mohave Community College (MCC). Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course Curriculum

Contact Lake Havasu City Police Department Communications Manager, Priscilla Maloncon at malonconp@lhcaz.gov for reservations or information on the 2018 classes.