The Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy opened in October of 2007, and is governed by the Western Arizona Law Enforcement Association, a consortium of federal, state, county, and local, law enforcement agencies.
The goal in creating WALETA was to provide the Association with an economical, comprehensive, and challenging basic law enforcement training option for their respective police recruits.

At first, class sizes were relatively small for WALETA, but as word of our basic training model spread, law enforcement agencies from all around the state started to show an interest in sending their recruits to us.  Very quickly, class sizes grew, and we have continued to experience growth to this day.  Since opening our doors in 2007, WALETA has produced over 300 new police officers to serve in our communities.  In addition to growing our police academy classes, we are proud to offer a 120 hour public safety communications academy as well.

WALETA operates as a live-in paramilitary style training program, designed to instill self-discipline, and introduce stress to our police recruits.  At WALETA, we believe that teaching self-discipline is important, as being self-disciplined is a key attribute of a law enforcement officer.  We also believe that introducing stress to our recruits is important, because if a recruit is unable to handle stress in a controlled training environment, they will certainly be unable to handle stress as a law enforcement officer operating in real world situations.

Our basic training staff is made up of highly qualified, disciplined, and motivated law enforcement professionals from law enforcement agencies around the state. Each staff member brings a level of expertise, and unique personal experiences to our training environment.

Ken Blanchard

“Leadership is not about you; it is about investing in the growth of others.”

Police Academy

The Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (WALETA) is accredited by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZPOST).

Dispatch Academy

The Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course introduces the necessary skills and knowledge to work in an public safety communications center in a productive and professional manner.


The Western Arizona Law Enforcement Association (WALEA), is a consortium of various law enforcement agencies from Mohave, La Paz and Yuma counties.

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