Academy Commander

Lieutenant Chad Williams began his law enforcement career in 2001 after joining the Lake Havasu City Police Department. Throughout his 22-year career he has held a variety of positions within the organization to include Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, and Street Crimes Unit Officer. Lt. Williams held the rank of corporal, sergeant, and lieutenant. His supervisory roles included Patrol, Street Crimes Unit, Criminal Investigations Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Community Services Unit, Traffic Unit, Professional Standards Unit, and the Academy Commander for WALETA.

Academy Sergeant

Sergeant Chris Sautner proudly served in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years. He was a close combat instructor and earned the rank of sergeant. Sgt. Sautner joined the Lake Havasu City Police Department in 2004 and has worked in a variety of capacities starting with patrol.  He has served as a Field Training Officer, Street Crimes Unit Officer, and Narcotics Detective. Sgt. Sautner held the rank of corporal and Sergeant. He spent 11 years as a SWAT operator for the Lake Havasu City Police Department. His supervisory roles have included patrol, Community Services Unit, Dive Team, and class supervisor for WALETA.

Recruit Training Officer

Officer Jordan Butterfield began his law enforcement career with the Fort Mojave Tribal Police Department in 2010 as a corrections officer.  He graduated from WALETA in 2014, and was a patrol officer for four years.  In 2018, he transferred to the Bullhead City Police Department, and was assigned to the bureau of patrol.  Officer Butterfield is an AZPOST General Instructor and Field Training Officer. Officer Butterfield is currently a Recruit Training Officer for WALETA.  

Recruit Training Officer

Officer Gomez began his career with the Parker Police Department in 2018. He is a graduate of of WALETA class #22. Officer Gomez works in the patrol division and serves as a Field Training Officer. Officer Gomez is an AZ POST General Instructor, Firearms Instructor and Taser Instructor. Officer Gomez is currently an operator with the La Paz Regional Special Response Team and a Recruit Training Officer for WALETA.

Recruit Training Officer

Deputy Steffen Kjellberg graduated from WALETA in 2019 and began his career with Mohave County Sheriff Office. Deputy Kjellberg started out as a patrolman, and now works full time on the Waterways Division where he is a part of the Dive Rescue Team, as well as the boat collision investigation team. Deputy Kjellberg is currently a Recruit Training Officer for WALETA.

Administrative Support Staff Member

Lee Borgen is a military veteran who proudly served her country for 22 years between the United States Marine Corps and Navy, retiring in August of 1989. After military retirement, she was a Veterans’ Benefits Counselor with the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services and retired in December, 2010. Lee joined the Lake Havasu Police Department, as an administrative volunteer, in December of the same year. Lee’s avocation is photography. She is the current photographer for WALETA, which she started in 2012. In 2014, Lee earned a full time assignment as Administrative Support. In addition to being the in-house photographer, Lee has researched and assembled statistical history for WALETA. Lee also provides graduating recruits with a collection of the pictures and videos taken during their class. Lee has volunteered over 14,000 hours to WALETA since 2012.